Course curriculum

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    • Introduction to Fast Growth ECommerce Course 02: Digital Marketing Essentials to Super-Charge Revenues

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    STEP 1: Search Engine Optimisation

    • What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how does it differ from Google Ads?

    • The importance of Keyword Research

    • How to use Google's Keyword Planner Tool

    • The importance of Keyword Optimisation

    • Where to use Keywords in your blog and product pages

    • The importance of adding keywords into your page URL

    • How to Search Engine Optimise a Product Page

    • Do you need to blog?

    • How to SEO a BLOG page using YOAST

    • Adding alt tags and why it's important

    • Product Page keywords summary and why adding them is so important for your SEO strategy

    • How to improve your SEO results through link-building

    • How to Check Your Domain Authority Rating

    • How to find suitable Directories to boost your back links

    • Link Building Results - an Example

    • SEO Summary

  • 3

    STEP 2: Digital Marketing

    • Introduction to Digital Marketing

    • Digital Marketing on Facebook: Understanding the interface

    • Setting up a Facebook Pixel pt 1: Connecting with a Shopify website

    • Setting up a Facebook Pixel pt 2: Checking your Facebook Pixel is working

    • Facebook Audiences - how to set-up targeted audiences for your ads

    • Setting up Facebook Lookalike Audiences

    • Setting up Facebook Custom Audiences

    • Setting Up a Facebook Ad Campaign

    • Setting up your first Facebook and Instagram Ads

    • Setting up your first Google Ads campaign

    • Instant Results

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    STEP 3: Electronic Direct Mail (EDMs)

    • Electronic Direct Marketing - Introduction

    • Industry Averages for EDMs

    • How to import data into your Electronic Direct Mail database (using Klaviyo as an example)

    • How to set up popup and embedded sign-up forms to build your database (using Klaviyo as an example)

    • Effective Email strategies to get you started

    • How to set up an automated "Welcome" email series (using Klaviyo as an example).

    • Effective newsletter strategies to get you started

    • How to create effective newsletters and when to send them out

    • Effective newsletter examples

    • Next steps

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    STEP 4: Conversion Rate Optimisation

    • An introduction to Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

    • Understanding your data analytics

    • An insight into Google Analytics

    • Understanding the difference between collection and product pages

    • Understanding what makes a great product page

    • How to create a great product page

  • 6

    STEP 5: Retargeting

    • Introduction to Retargeting

    • Setting up an Abandoned Cart series - one of the most effective strategies for increasing conversions.

    • How to retarget using Facebook and Instagram

    • How to retarget using Google Ads

  • 7

    Bonus Material

    • The Importance of Loyalty Programmes

    • How Marketers Can Respond to Apple's iOS 14.5 Privacy Update

    • Understanding the impact to Facebook of Apple’s iOS 14.5 Privacy Changes

    • Understanding the iOS 14.5 changes on conversion windows and attributions

    • Improving your Facebook campaign results through Domain Verification and Tracking

    • An introduction to Artificial Intelligence Agents

    • Understanding the impact of Facebook's changes to detailed targeting options - March 2022

    • How to use an Artificial Intelligence Agent to improve your online advertising campaign results

  • 8

    Next Steps

    • Course conclusion

    • What course would you like us to produce next?