Course curriculum

  • 1

    Section 1 - A quick overview of the importance of improving the "shopper experience"

    • Why it's important to improve the "shopper experience".

    • How you can benefit from a man who walks thousands of stores each year

  • 2

    Getting your store noticed and making your window work for you

    • Sidewalk interruption

    • The importance of Sidewalk Interrupters

    • Quick quiz on sidewalk interrupters

    • From Window to Walk-in

  • 3

    Slowing shoppers down, ready to buy

    • The importance of the "Decompression Zone"

    • What makes a good "decompression zone"?

  • 4

    Helping shoppers see your offering

    • Sightlines and airspace

    • Airspace is a great asset for a retailer.

    • Thank you for taking this short course.